Future sustainable footwear materials

On April 20, 2016, The Future Footwear Materials Conference took place at SLEM Waalwijk, The Netherlands. The conference was part of a two-day event that also included, on April 19, The Footwear Health Tech Conference, as well as an exhibition.

The event was successful, bringing together over 70 participants, and provided great intellectual and social interaction for the attendees.

Internationally renowned speakers showed and talked about how to find sustainable resources, the circular economy, bioprinting, smart textiles, new ways of treating and making leather and much more. The seminar proved an outstanding opportunity for footwear professionals, CSR managers, material researchers, designers, orthopedic shoemakers, podiatrists, health insurance companies and investors to gain new insights and experience the future of their industry.

A photo impression of both conferences can be found here. Find more about the 2016 edition.

Fast facts about future footwear materials

Leather has been the prime material for shoes for a long time. But in a world with a rapidly growing population and dwindling resources it is time to rethink what our footwear should be made of. Modern technology can help to use our resources wisely. New material developments and production techniques push the boundaries of what can be made.

Who should attend the next edition:

  • Material suppliers
  • Material engineers / designers
  • Production Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Software developer
  • Company owners
  • Technical Engineers
  • Footwear Consultants/Engineers
  • Footwear Developers/Designers
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Creative Directors
  • 2D/3D Engineers

Photo credits: Oatshoes

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